HarHar is a test bench for other websites in our little universe of sites. Here we play with different themes, content presentations, e-commerce works, snippets, widgets, scripts and archives. Our main goal is not to keep adding jokes. Our main goal is testing themes and ideas which may apply to our other websites.

But, in the meantime! As the story goes, “There is no such thing as a new joke. There are only jokes you yourself have never heard before.” Well, maybe you will find some old jokes here, and maybe you will find some new jokes here. Whatever you find, we sincerely hope you enjoy yourself.

There will possibly be content here some people may consider offensive. Time heals all wounds. Time also creates new wounds from history. What was fine yesterday may not be so fine today. With that in mind, it is not our intention to be hurtful. However, it is also not our intention to be slaves to whatever is the “politically correct” flavour of the day. We have tried to post what could be insensitive or adult in its own particular category. Maybe we did a good job of this, maybe not.

Check the “Contact” page if you have content you would like to submit, or wish to discuss any particular content here. We do not pay for submissions at this time but will give you a credit and a link if we use your material. If you have monologue material you want to try on an unsuspecting public, send it in.