Better than sex 1.0

Beer is Better than Sex Because …

  1. A beer lasts longer than seven seconds
  2. A beer will never expect you to sit in the wet spot IT makes.
  3. A beer does as many chores as anyone else, with a LOT less complaining.
  4. Having a beer can’t make someone pregnant.
  5. A beer won’t tease you because you once liked Take That.
  6. A beer doesn’t want to go out alone with the other beers.
  7. A beer doesn’t sulk.
  8. A good beer is easy to find.
  9. A beer can’t pout.
  10. A beer doesn’t have a mother.
  11. A beer doesn’t have friends who will drink your beer.
  12. A beer won’t get jealous if you enjoy another beer.
  13. A beer doesn’t want children.
  14. A beer isn’t ready until you’re ready.
  15. If the beer is finished before you are, you can have another beer.
  16. Hangovers go away.
  17. A beer tastes good.
  18. Having a beer doesn’t make you want to take a shower.
  19. Just because you have dinner with a beer doesn’t mean you have to sleep with a beer too.
  20. A beer doesn’t have morning breath.
  21. A beer is happy to go where ever you want to go.
  22. A beer will never drink the last beer.
  23. When a beer is finished, it doesn’t roll over and go to sleep.
  24. A beer is never temperamental.
  25. A cold beer is a good beer.
  26. A big, fat beer is nice to have.
  27. A beer won’t steal the covers.
  28. You don’t have to laugh at a beer’s jokes.
  29. A beer won’t mind at all if you’re not in the mood for beer.
  30. A beer can be drunk anywhere without anybody minding.

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