We be cousins maybe?

Two hillbillies were out fishing one afternoon. They were busy telling each other stories, drinking and talking, about their relatives and friends. There was dumb ol’ Billy Joe, and tough as nails Jack Bob, and that really good looking Jenny Sue. More beer, and more talking about girls and relatives, and more beer.

The afternoon goes on. The sun is shining down. The beer is going down well. After even a few more swigs of beer, Bob Roy turns to the other and says, “Hey Herm, supposin’ I was to sneak over to your place one of these Saturdays and make love to your wife, while you were out huntin’ or workin’ on the moonshine. And what if she got pregnant and had a baby. Would you be thinkin’ that would be makin’ us kinfolk?”

Herm takes a couple slugs of his own beer, thinks a bit, and then says, “I’m not too surein’ about that, but I do know it would pretty well make us even.”