Hey what’s wrong with my dog?

The sad fellow carried his dog into the veterinarian.

“Doc,” the fellow says, “my dog is really, really sick. Can you do something for him?”

The doc takes a look at the dog. Pokes him a couple of times. Puts a stethoscope on him to listen for a heartbeat. Then says, “I’m sorry sir, but your dog is dead.”

The fellow says, “That’s impossible! I just fed him this morning. He ate all his food. He loves chasing cats and he was running all over the neighbourhood chasing them until lunch time. I think he is just tired. Can you give him a shot or some medicine to perk him up?”

“Sir,” says the vet again. “Your dog is very, very dead. In fact, I will prove it to you.”

The vet goes in the back, opens a cage and brings out a mean looking cat. He puts the cat down beside the dog. The cat goes around the dog, sniffs here and sniffs there. Then bites the dog right on its nose.

“Well,” says the fellow. “I guess you are right. My poor doggie is dead. That’s the only reason he is just laying there. He would never let a cat get near him like that, let alone let a cat bite him. I’m sorry for doubting you. How much do I owe you?”

The vet says, “$825.00”

“What!?!” says the fellow in disbelief. “How come so much?!!”

The vet answers, “My fee is just $25.00, but the other $800.00 is for the cat scan.”