You win a safe driving award!

The Arizona highway patrolman stopped a car he was following for several miles.

He checks over the driver and says, “I was following you for quite a distance. You signalled at every turn. Stopped for every sign and light. You were courteous to other vehicles. On the divided highway you pulled into the fast lane when a truck was coming on to the highway and merging with the traffic. And I see you are wearing your seatbelt. We have a safety promotion running this month and I have to say, you are the winner of our $5,000.00 prize. What do you think you will be doing with that money?”

The driver replies, “Gee that’s great. I think I will go to driving school and get my license.”

The woman in the passenger seat says, “Don’t listen to my husband at all officer. He is always a smartass when he is drunk.”

The passenger in the back seat who was dozing, wakes up, sees the cop and says “Well I told you we wouldn’t get very far in this stolen car.”

Then a voice comes from the trunk, “Are we over the border yet?”