Good question

A city slicker goes out into the woods to bag a bear. He has been warned about “El Diablo”, the meanest bear in the woods and was told not to try to kill him. The city slicker sees El Diablo and decides to shoot anyway. He hits the bear, but doesn’t kill it.

El Diablo chases the man down and takes away his gun. The bear tells him that the price of shooting him is to get done up the butt. After the bear finishes, the city slicker crawls out of the woods and goes home.

The next weekend, the city slicker buys a bigger gun and goes back to get revenge. Again he fails to kill El Diablo and again has to submit. The next weekend, the city slicker buys and elephant gun thinking finally he will kill that bear. Again he shoots the bear but fails to kill him.

Finally the bear asks the city slicker, “You don’t come out here for the hunting do you?”

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