Make it a double

John and Bill were business partners. John was very interested in antiques and one day he came across a magic lamp which he bought. John rubbed the lamp and the Genie appeared and promised to grant him the customary three wishes.

John’s first wish was for ten million dollars. He got them, but when he returned to the office Bill told him that a strange thing had happened. “Twenty million dollars just fell out of the sky upon my desk!”

Again, John made a wish, this time for a beautiful young blonde he recently had seen…

The blonde appeared, but later Bill told John: “Suddenly two blondes were in my office. My, what a time we had, you should have been there, two of them was almost too much for me!”

It was then that the Genie appeared again and explained that whatever John asked for, Bill would receive double. John was utterly fed up with Bill receiving twice as much without doing anything. However, before making his final wish he called his doctor.

“Doc, can you tell me if it hurts much to have one of the testicles removed?”

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