Late at night this guy runs into a pub and asks for a glass of water from the landlord. The guy drinks it in one gulp then asks for a second glass.

Six glasses later, and he has recovered enough to speak. “Thanks,” he croaks.

“That’s one hell of a thirst you’ve got,” says the landlord.

The guy says: “Any man would be as parched as me if they’d just had sex with the woman in my car. She’s insatiable. I’m totally worn out. I’m exhasuted. And she wants me to go right back out there and do it all again, but I can’t.”

“Where’s your car?” the landlord asks.

“Just parked off to the side of the parking lot where it’s really dark,” the guy gasps.

“Tell you what,” says the landlord, “It’s really quiet in here tonight. You watch the bar for me while I nip out and take your place.”

“Be my guest,” the guy says.

So the landlord goes outside and gets in the car. It’s totally dark, so the woman doesn’t realize she’s with a different man. And they get right down to it, humping away.

Five minutes later there’s a knock on the window. Well, if it isn’t a cop! He shines his flashlight on the naked couple. “What’s going on here?” he asks.

“It’s all right, officer,” explains the landlord. “She’s my wife.”

“Oh, sorry sir, I didn’t realize.”

“Actually, neither did I till you switched on that damned light.”

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