Such a world

Two Irish Catholics are digging a ditch across the street from a brothel.
It is slow work. One morning while they are digging away, they see a rabbi slip into the building. “Oh what is the world coming to,” one says, “when a religious man goes into a house of ill-repute?” The other one shakes his head in agreement.
About fifteen minutes later, they see a Protestant minister sneak into the brothel too. “It’s no wonder the world is in such a terrible, terrible shape,” the second says, “with this sort of thing going on.” The first one says, “Aye. Aye.”
A few minutes later, they see a priest come down the street, look both ways up and down the street, and then go into the brothel too.
“Oh look.” says the first, “Such a shame, such a shame. One of the poor colleens must be quite sick.”

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